Universal 48' Trailer Wiring Harness Kit 89373, Everything you need to rewire a 48' flatbed trailer.  Can be used on shorter trailers. Includes:
  • 7-way front w/ marker drops, 24" long
  • Main front harness w/ marker & mid-turn drops, 264" long
  • Mid-turn leads w/ hard shell plugs, 100" long,
  • Main rear harness w/ marker & ABS drops, 312" long
  • rear sill harness for 6 tail lights, 48" long, with hard shell plugs
  • Marker leads, 96" long w/ 0.180 bullet connectors
  • Rear center ID harness, 104" long
  • License plate light lead, 60" long
MANAGERS NOTE: The kit is long enough to easily configure most any 48' trailer.  Uses hard shell plugs for LED lighting at the sill & mid turn positions.  Has connections for 6 side marker lights (3 on each side), plus a corner marker lead, both sides. The ABS drop occurs at the front of the sill harness section.  Yes, you can use this kit for a shorter trailer, by coiling the excess.  No, there is not a provision to wire upper ID lights on a van trailer.  You can convert this harness kit for a 53' trailer with the addition of  a main harness extension part number 01-6605-U7  

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Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 18 × 12 in
48' harness kit

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