Talbert Air Spring Bag RW1000003 1R12-607


Talbert Air Spring Bag RW1000003  1R12-607 Common use on Talbert Lowboy trailers with Ridewell Suspension. Good Year 1R12-607 atop Ridewell HD Aluminum Piston Mount Part Manager's Note: We get asked a lot, "Can I just use a Good Year 1R12-494 or equivalent air bag?" The answer is yes, of course you can, but there is a catch.  This air bag sits atop a very heavy aluminum piston mount.  We often find that when the air bag fails, the piston mount cracks.  The steel bolts can also seize into the aluminum threads & bolt extraction damages the bolt holes.  If this is the case, you are better off purchasing the Ridewell RW1000003, which includes the air bag & piston mount. ILoca Services is an authorized Talbert Trailer Dealer.

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