SafeTruck by Ms. Carita® EZ Mount Orange Flag Kit w/Bracket FZK700C

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The SafeTruck by Ms. Carita® Quickmount Flag Assembly allows for quick connect and disconnect to the Quickmount bracket. No need for bungees or clamps. The Quickmount Flag Assembly is machined from 303 stainless steel with a solid aluminum rod and a stainless steel spring receiver. Replaceable 18" x 18" durable jersey flag rotates freely on 3/8" aluminum staff. The Stainless Steel Bracket bolts to truck or trailer, providing a 45° or 90° angle for mounting the flag assembly to the 5/8" stainless steel EZ Mount stud. Mounting hardware included. The Jersey flag material is sewn to welting that slides on to a solid aluminum rod. The welting allows the flag to rotate freely on the staff for highest visibility.  

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