ORAFOL Oralite V92 DOT Red/White DOT Tape 150′


ORAFOL Oralite V92 DOT C2 Red/White DOT Tape 2" x 150' Roll ORAFOL Oralite V92 Daybrite DOT C2 Tape 6" Red / 6" White DOT-C2 rated, is recommended for Emergency Vehicles, Dump Trucks, School Buses, Tankers, Tow Trucks, Trailers & Utility Vehicles.   Oralite V92 features:
  • Highest Nighttime Reflectivity in the Industry
  • Single Layer Prismatic Construction
  • Maintains Reflectivity After Impact
  • High Performance Polyester Film
  • Thin & Flexible for Easy Application
  • Superior Durabilty
A great value at only $88.95 for a 150' (50yd) roll.  Less than 6 cents per linear foot.  The evenly spaced 6" red & white sections makes measuring & cutting easy to determine.

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Weight 1.8 lbs
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REF V92-5649-020150


2" x 150' (50yds)