Fontaine Lowboy Wiring Harness 50857106


Fontaine Lowboy Wiring Harness 50857106 This harness is used on a late model Fontaine lowboy trailer. The 50857106 is the 1st section of the rear sill harness, connecting into the main harness at the rear of the lowboy deck. Splitting into a yellow & green lead, to allow for connection of the tail light harness. Reference: To complete the rear sill wiring harness connection, use tail light harness part # 50857108. The center marker light & license plate harness used, is part # 50857107.  If your trailer has two brake lights, and one turn light across the rear sill, you may also need part # 50855022.  Please feel free to contact ILoca parts for help in identifying the correct harness part #'s for your Fontaine trailer. ILoca Services is an authorized Fontaine Trailer Dealer  

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