Ancra Silvercap Overdrive Ratcheting Cap for Winches 49723-10


Ancra Silvercap Overdrive Ratcheting Cap for Winches

Convert any winch into a ratcheting winch by adding Ancra's OverDrive Ratcheting Cap, part # 49723-10. The lubricated cap, with Grime Guard weather-tight seal, fits over the existing winch cap without having to remove the winch from the trailer. This ratcheting cap makes securing a load fast and easier by keeping your strap bar in place until the straps are tight. Simple 3-Step Installation:
  • First - Slide the OverDrive Cap over the end of the winch.
  • Second - Rotate the Cap into place.
  • Third - Secure the Cap with the included hardware.
Why to Buy: 
  • The rotating pawl ratchet mechanism is a more trouble-free design than the sliding pin mechanism on other models
  • All seals are internal so their is no outer rubber seal needed, which can deteriorate over time
  • The new ratcheting mechanism has been proven in the field
  • Easy access grease fitting for maintaining trouble-free function
  • Installs easily onto most standard winches using the hardware provided
  • The outside shape will change to accommodate the revised ratchet mechanism design but the total weight is still 3.5lb
  • The drive cap has a smaller diameter and thickness and is made of a durable, heat-treated steel material

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