Ancra Premium Cargo Strap Winder 50391-10

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This Ancra Premium Cargo Strap Winder is constructed of zinc-plated steel for maximum durability. Its model is 50391-10. This strap winder quickly assists in winding winch straps into rolls for storage, when removing them from a trailer. It is designed to slide over the top of the side rail. The winder easily separates to remove the strap for storage. Instructions for Operation
  • Secure bracket onto flatbed rub rail & insert handle into pin
  • Insert strap end into winder and rotate
  • Pull strap and handle off bracket
  • Pull handles off of rolled strap
  • Strap is ready for storage

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Weight 2.7 lbs
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10"W x 11"H x 1.75"D

W.L.L. (lbs.)