Vanguard consistently produces world-class dry vans and refrigerated trailers that ILoca is proud sell and lease to its customers. In 2014, ILoca received Vanguard’s Premier Dealer Award, which is a testament to the great business relationship we have with Vanguard. Their dry vans and refrigerated trailers are built with galvanized metal and designed to lower maintenance costs and extend life cycles.


The parent company of Vanguard is CIMC, a world-renowned container manufacturer. As their website says, “since 1996, CIMC has ranked No.1 worldwide for container output and sales volume. And today, CIMC holds over 50 percent market share in their international markets. A true global leader, CIMC’s products have become staples in their industries through forward-thinking business approaches and extensive detail on exceptional product quality”. Here at ILoca, we admire business approaches like the one CIMC and Vanguard exhibit. Their business strategies and the products they put out are the reason they are so successful. We are very happy to have Vanguard as one of our main vendors and business partners. We  look forward to providing you with their reliable products to accomplish whatever goals you have.

Many Vanguard and CIMC products can be found on ILoca’s website through the use of the search tool. If you’re looking for something specific and are having trouble finding it, we can help! Give us a call with any sales related questions at 855-707-2909. One of our trailer experts will answer all your questions and help you find exactly what you need.

We hope that this article has provided you with quality information about the types of vendors ILoca works with, which in turn, tells you a lot about ILoca. We strive to bring the best value and experience to our customers and we believe that all of our vendors help achieve that goal. As always, ILoca wishes you safe and happy travels during the remainder of the workweek.

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