Tramec 7-Way Socket 38501


Tramec 7-Way Socket 38501

Tramec 7-Way Socket 38501 7-Way long, solid pin, plastic socket. 2-Hole, 2 7/8" Bolt Spacing. The Tramec 38501 7-Way socket is noted for the long pins at the back. The six standard pins are 11/16" in length, with your white wire connecting pin measuring 15/16" in length. Parts Note:  A common question is about the diffference between a Tramec part # 38501 & a Tramec part # 38502.  They are identical except for one aspect.  Inside the 7-way receptacle, where you plug in your power cable, the 38501 uses solid pins, where the 38502 uses split pins.

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4"W x 3.25"H x 3"D