Talbert Air Cylinder ACKW381140A0 3000-424


Talbert Air Cylinder ACKW381140A0 This is the lower air cylinder located in the tube, on the gooseneck. Enclosed in the housing located near the center of the deck.  The cylinder operates the deck lock & plunger.
  • 16.250 Compressed Lengh
  • 1.0" Diameter Rod
  • .610 Clevis Hole / Rod End
  • .470 Clevis Hole / Mount End
  • Airman B3000-424
  • Airman 3000-424
  • MQ2719
When you replace this air cylinder, consider also purchasing the pin that attaches the rod, Talbert part # 63RDSP-3.38 ILoca Services is an authorized Talbert Trailer Dealer.

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Weight 14 lbs
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ACKW381140A0 3000-424