Sealco Dolly Port Valve 110570


Sealco Dolly Port Valve 110570 Dolly Control Line Valves are primarily used on dollies and turntable axles. Their ability to increase control line flow speeds brake application and release times dramatically.  Product Description Manufacturer: Sealco Condition: New Complies with FMVSS 121 regulations including Docket 85-, Notice 7 Primarily used on dollies & turnable axles on pull, transfer, and B-train type trailers The dolly port control line valve is plumbed to the relay emergency valve or ABS ECU to control the service brakes Provides a balanced control line signal for uniform braking of multi-axle combination vehicles Prevents premature braking of the steerable axle(s) in combination vehicles for maximum lateral stability while stopping Improves the release of service brakes in the tractor/trailer combination eliminating trailer brake drag complaints Control port size = 3/8" pipe thread Reservoir port size = 1/2" pipe thread Dolly port size = 3/8" pipe thread Delivery port size = 3/8" pipe thread Nominal crack pressure = 0.0 psi Includes mounting bracket Cross References: 110690, ESL110570, SEA110570, 287114, 287114R, E-SL110570, GTA-110570, KN28300, KN28300X, MBI287114X, H287114X, 55110570, RB-110570, 51401, 51402 Made In USA  

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