Powerbrace Lock Rod Cam P41425


Powerbrace Lock Rod Cam P41425 P4142 4142 Cam, NH Style, RH Top/LH Bottom.  Used on the RH Curb Side if at the top of the Lock Rod, or at the LH Road Side bottom of the Lock Rod.  Fits standard 1.0" ID Lock Rod. Note: The key to a Powerbrace part # is the 1st four digits (i.e. P "4142" 5). 4142 is the part #, often found imprinted in the casting. The last digit "5" refers to the finish of the item. While this cam cam be used top or bottom on a Lock Rod, usually this is only used at the top (i.e.Wabash, Stoughton, etc.)

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Weight 1.5 lbs
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P41425 P4142 4142


4-3/8: Overall Length

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