Digital In-Dash Load Scale RWLS 202-DDG-02B


Right Weigh’s 202-DDG-02B interior digital load scale is designed for monitoring two height control valves (HCV’s). This can be either one drive axle group with dual HCV’s, or a dedicated tractor-trailer set with one HCV each. When installed on a typical tractor-trailer with one HCV on the drive, and one HCV on the trailer, this gauge can display estimated steer, drive, and trailer weight. After both an empty and loaded calibration has been performed at a certified ground scale, the gauge will reliably display the on-the-ground axle group weight in pounds or kilograms. 
  • On-the-ground axle group weight is displayed in pounds or kilograms on a touchscreen LCD
  • Two air pressure sensors monitors either one dual height control valve axle group, or a dedicated tractor/trailer set with a total of two height control valves
  • Fits in a standard 2-1/16″ round gauge cutout
  • Estimated steer weight available when installed on a drive axle group
  • Installation kits required
Compatible installation kits:
101-SK: Back of the load scale to either a drive or steer airbag (one kit needed per height control valve)
301-QDK: Back of the load scale to a dedicated trailer axle airbag  (one kit needed per height control valve)

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