Giants for the North American Highways – Proven low maintenance and long service life.  ILoca’s latest partner Goldhofer is Made For Your Mission.  ILoca Heavy Haul has extended its stocking trailers even further!


Introducing the Goldhofer for Heavy-Duty Transportation Operations in North America Goldhofer has developed an innovative product, specifically designed to cater to the requirements of the North American market. The Goldhofer P12 PLUS is a game-changing semi-trailer that can be combined with one or two intermediate bogies, offering a longer loading deck and an enormous payload across up to twelve axle lines. Its adaptability allows for flexible configurations to handle a wide range of loads, providing heavy haul companies with a smart, all-in-one solution. With the ability to transport oversized loads of all types, construction components, vehicles, and equipment, this trailer promises to make transportation more economical than ever before.


Semi Lowboys for the North American Transport Industry. Our highway semi lowloaders are custom-built to meet the specific requirements of the North American transport industry. The STZ-P 9 model comes with tridem axle groups that can be adjusted to comply with various North American regulations. Additionally, the low driving height allows for the shortest permittable route for a wide range of cargos.


Efficient and Safe Transportation with the STZ-VL Lowboy Trailer. When it comes to daily transport, time is of the essence. The STZ-VL lowboy trailer is designed with this in mind, allowing for quick loading and unloading of various loads by driving over from the front. As the weight and volume of the goods increase, it’s critical that the vehicles are lightweight yet capable of carrying heavy payloads. This is where the STZ-VL truly shines, making your transportation both safe and efficient.


ILoca also carries Goldhofer parts online.

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STZ VL 3+1 Extendable Double Drops with Extensions

STZ – P9 Extendable Drop Deck

P12 Plus Extendable Modular Drop Deck