Load Covering Solutions

Here at ILoca, we pride ourselves in providing the best quality products and machinery available for your transportation needs. As a result a good example of useful inventory items provided happens to be rolling tarp kits. These kits are useful in helping to protect your rig and your business loads from potential damage. Furthermore,  ILoca carries Rolling Tarp Kits from a vendor called Load Covering Solutions.

Load Covering Solutions

Our vendor (Load Covering Solutions) specializes in providing the finest quality covers. Taken directly from their homepage description, LCS strongly states their priorities by claiming,
“Our company is a design engineering, manufacturing and distribution entity for the highest quality of custom manufactured tarpaulin covers and mechanized systems for a multitude of transportation applications. Whatever your load covering requirements are, our company has you totally covered, for flatbed, open top dump, hopper, and waste management trailers, covering metal & building supply products, general freight, machinery & aviation components, aggregate, agricultural, waste and a wide range of other products.”
With a confident explanation of company intentions that includes a variety of product descriptions, one can only guess why we do business with them! Not only does ILoca carry LCS products in store and online, we also offer on site installation at our Aurora, Illinois location. This means that we’ll do all the complicated work for you. You can drive out comfortably after because you know that your cover tarp unit is safely secured.

Rolling Tarp Kits

In conclusion, ILoca takes your business seriously. We want to make sure that our customers get the best quality care out there. In order to live up to this promise, we have to work with the best vendors out there. They give us quality inventory stock items. This is why we trust Load Covering Solutions to give us Rolling Tarp Kits. These kits are available for sale in store. We have a multi-bay repair facility so, we’ll even do on site installation at our Aurora, IL location. We sincerely hope the information provided was useful for you, and don’t feel shy to come to us with any questions you may have about this (or any other) product/service! As always, we wish you safe and happy travels for the weekend ahead.

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