Available out of our National Headquarters – Aurora, IL / Chicagoland Area.

  • Electrical Repairs, such as minor wiring repair and small harness replacements, Light replacements and 7-way/junction box replacements.
  • Air systems repairs, including but not limited to brake chambers, airline repairs, glad hands, valves, and most air operated components.
  • Mechanical components, slack adjusters, slider pin assemblies, crank handles, landing gear, pins, and securement devices.
  • Roof and sidewall repairs. These repairs will be limited to small patches or repairs sealable with a transportation sealant. All patches with a pop rivet gun and aluminum or fiberglass material.
  • Flooring repairs*. We will do small flooring repairs on-site such as a 2-5 ft. hole in the floor. Anything longer than 6 ft. will need to come back to the shop for repair. These repairs are for apitong and oak flooring alone.

*Aluminum and steel flooring will need to be repaired at the shop, as they require welding.

  • Tire replacement. Plugs and patches.
  • Brake jobs and wheel seals, we will do small one or 2 wheel type jobs out in the field, however, we will not do full 4 wheel brake jobs those large repairs can come back to the shop.
  • Door rehang jobs. Customers regularly knock trailer doors off. We offer this, however; the rate needs to double, as a door rehang is a 2-man job.
  • FMCSA / Preventative Maintenance Services, Full inspection, and Grease and lube.

Call Mobile Service Manager – Mike Rajsl at 844-673-2249 or email him at

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