Custom Fabrications

We provide custom aluminum, steel, and stainless welding as well as plasma cutting and custom fabrications to build exactly what you want. ILoca is the place to call for all your custom needs.

Flatbed Stakes

ILoca can create custom fabricated stakes to whatever dimensions you need for any flatbed application. Our custom stakes are made from steel c-channel with a stop and a chain to keep pipe or any other unstable load secure on the trailer. Call 855-707-2910 today. ILoca – Your Partner For The Long Haul ®

Oversized Load Sign Holder

Using wide load signs and wide load banners is a requirement for any commercial motor vehicle handling an over size load or wide load according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). ILoca keeps you in compliance with custom made aluminum sign holders designed to fit in the rear pockets of a trailer. These frames can be built to whatever size you need and can be made from aluminum or steel, whichever you prefer. Call 855-707-2910 today to schedule an appointment. ILoca – Your Partner For The Long Haul ®

Rear Conveyor

This rear conveyor system was built to accommodate a trailer customized with a mounted mobile wash site. This conveyor was created with stainless steel MIG welding and was built from start to finish right here at ILoca. However elaborate your specifications ILoca Services works with you on the modification to get the job done right.

Steel fenders 

ILoca Services fabricated these fenders on a stock trailer we had at our high-tech facility in Aurora, Illinois. Many fender options and other structural modifications are available. Just call today to set up an appointment or talk to one of our knowledgeable service reps about the infinite possibilities. Customizations can be done onsite at ILoca Services. If you can think it, we can build it. Let’s get to work. Call 855-707-2910 today to schedule an appointment. ILoca – Your Partner For The Long Haul ®

Steel Bulkheads

Here at ILoca Services we can custom make any type or size of bulkhead you need. Call 855-707-2910 today with the specifications you are looking for. ILoca – Your Partner For The Long Haul®


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