Thank You, Truck Drivers

Without truck drivers, food would be gone from stores within days. America’s supply of clean water would disappear in just two weeks. And yet, truck drivers are not appreciated nearly enough. Their profession is looked over and often degraded. So, ILoca Services is proud to sponsor an event that gives drivers their due recognition. This past Saturday, you may have spotted ILoca Services sponsoring the ITA 2018 Professional Truck Driving Championship! The transportation industry, particularly trucking, keeps this country and its economy running. Therefore we would like to share the speech given by our Marketing Director, Angie Schelich, thanking the drivers that too often go without thanks.

Thank You, Truck Drivers Transcript: 

We want to thank the ITA for putting on this great event.  I’m Angie from ILoca Services, which, as many of you know, is an award winning, full service semitrailer dealership headquartered in Aurora, with locations in Davenport, Iowa and Caledonia, Wisconsin. We sell, rent, and lease semitrailers and we also offer parts in store and online as well as running a multiple-bay, high-tech repair facility in Aurora.
It has been estimated that without trucking, in only 2 days most stores would be empty, and it would take just 2 weeks until there would be no clean drinking water in America. There would be no mail and no fuel within a week – railways and ports would come to a complete standstill. It is an extreme timeline but it just goes to show how very significant your profession is.
You all have such an important and demanding job. Thank you for being here. Congratulations on being the best drivers in the state of Illinois. Your dedication and sacrifices are greatly appreciated.
Please think of us when you need parts, service or rental trailers. We’d love to get back the support we give.  So when you need a trailer, please remember ILoca Services. We are honored to be your Partner For The Long Haul.
Thank you again to every driver here from ILoca Services.


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