All Tires Are Not Created Equal

Trailers run the world, so their emissions are a necessary part of the transportation industry. But however we can, we’d like to protect our planet, too! That’s why the Environmental Protection Industry promotes SmartWay verified products. When burning fuel at high temperatures, highly poisonous and flammable gases called “nitrogen oxide emissions” are released. Thus by improving your fuel economy with better tires, you can save money and save the world! SmartWay verified tires can reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and fuel use by 3 percent or more.  For more information and to view a complete list of Smartway verified tires, please click here.
How can SmartWay verified tires help save the environment as well as help save your operation money? This graph shows the NOx Emissions in New England in 2011, giving us a better idea of how to optimize our own fleet.

See where NOx emissions came from in 2011 in New England so you can optimize your fleet.

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