2019 Equipment Ordered – Reserve Your 2019 Trailers Today!

ILoca has ordered its 2019 trailers and equipment!

2019 trailers and equipment are being reserved at unbelievable speeds- check out our preliminary and incomplete list of products and call 855-707-2910 if you have any questions!

2019 Heavy Haul

  • Magnitude 55HFLD Lowboy Trailers 
  • 55 Ton Steel Lowboy with 26′ well
  • Magnitude 55L Plus 26 Lowboy Trailers –
    • 55 Ton Steel Lowboy (Flat low deck)
    • 56 Ton Steel Lowboy (Flat low deck)
    • 57 Ton Steel Lowboy (Flat low deck)
  • Traverse HT  Hydraulic Tail
    Air Ride, closed tandem fixed, hydraulic beavertail, 17,681 lbs
    3rd Axle – Steel Flip Axle

2019 Platform Equipment


  • Revolution (aluminum) 52 WSA 48ft
    Fontaine 2019
    48×102, aluminum, wide spread axle, Hendrickson air ride, 8,992lbs
  • Infinity (combination) 48ft
    Fontaine 2019
    48×102, wide spread axle, Hendrickson air ride, 10,263 lbs
  • Infinity (combination) 53ft
    Fontaine 2019
    53×102, RAS, Hendrickson Air Ride 11,024 lbs
  • Velocity (steel) CTS 48ft 
    Fontaine 2019
    48×102, spring ride, closed tandem slider, 12,053 lbs

Step Decks

  • Revolution (aluminum) 48ft
    Fontaine 2019
    48’x102″, aluminum, wide spread axle, air ride, 40.5″ deck height when loaded, 9,057 lbs
  • Infinity (combination) 48ft 
    Fontaine 2019
    48’x102″, combination, wide spread axle, air ride, 40″ deck height when loaded, 10,461 lbs
  • Infinity (combination) Low Deck 53ft
    Fontaine 2019
    53’x102″, combination, rear axle slide, deck height: 37″ unloaded/36″ loaded, Michelin tires, 11,221 lbs
  • Velocity (steel) 48ft
    Fontaine 2019
    48’x102″, steel, side spread air ride, 11,501 lbs

Dry Vans

  • VXP
    Vanguard 2019
    Plate, Hendrickson susp., no vents, Hendrickson Tiremaax CP Tire Inflation system, Yokohama tires, swing doors
  • MaxCube
    Vanguard 2019
    Aluminum, Wide Body, Hendrickson air ride suspension, CTS, swing door, Hendrickson TI system, Yokohama tires

ILoca also carries Dump Trailers, Chassis, Containers and Refrigerated Vans! Quantities available on request only. Call 855-707-2910 for more information.
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