Fuel Prices February 27th, 2017

Fuel Prices

ILoca is back for another weekly fuel update for your convenience. Today we will cover state specific and nationwide diesel pricing, along with some other important petroleum related information. The pricing for diesel in the US is as follows.
The national average price for diesel in the United States currently checks in at around  $2.28 to a gallon. This price is slightly higher than Wisconsin’s average range of $2.24, but lower than the averages of Illinois ($2.31) and Iowa ($2.33). These averages do not include data on alternative fuel sources such as biodiesel. For more information on pricing and locations that offer these products, you may visit the AFDC website located in the sources below.
In other petroleum related news, crude oil currently clocks in at around $54.21 per barrel. These prices are still particularly high as of late. According to the Government mandated report website Petroleum Weekly,
“U.S. Crude oil imports from Saudi Arabia and Iraq combined recently approached a five-year high, but are expected to decline”. This may have an affect on the products current pricing.
To conclude, diesel in the US is currently priced at around $2.28 a gallon, crude oil is $54.21 per barrel, and imports are at a record high from the past half a decade. We sincerely hope that this information has provided you with a better understanding of your current traveling expense budget, and as always, ILoca wishes you safe and happy travels during the workweek ahead.

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