Slider Chassis Becomes Art at CIMC Intermodal HQ

When a Slider Chassis becomes a work of art…CIMC Intermodal 23.5 Slider Chassis decorated with bright colors and interesting patterns.

CIMC Intermodal is installing their one of a kind, 23.5 Slider Chassis. It is the center piece of their staircase at their new headquarters in South Gate, California. We love it! Although trailers and the trucking industry seem only gritty and mechanical, they harbor a beautiful and creative side, too. Despite what some may think, the men and women of the industry always prove themselves unique individuals with talents that include not only expertise in semitrailers, but much, much more, and this stunning work of art is representative of that.

The CIMC Slider Chassis is carried by ILoca services and is for sale.

CIMC Intermodal 23.5 Slider Chassis
CIMC Intermodal 23.5 Slider ChassisCIMC Intermodal 23.5 Slider Chassis
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