Floor Restore Kits and Key Polymer Crack Filler Sale!

The Key Polymer 53′ Floor Restore kit is now on sale! Originally priced at $449.95, and on sale for $395.00! Manufactured by Key Polymer, the kit includes enough material to finish a 53′ wood trailer floor. This kit has application material, mixing sticks, gloves, as well as application squeegees. Why do you need this kit? It is simple and easy to do, and there is nothing like it on the market! Continuing on, The Key Polymer Crack Filler Key FP100 A/B is also on sale for $37.50! This filler is great for repairs for delaminations that may draw water in from wet roads. This prevents further damage in these spots. The kit contains crack filler, mixing paddles, vinyl gloves, putty knives, as well as instructions. Do not miss these great sales! Check them out now!

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