Fontaine Heavy Haul

Fontaine Heavy Haul

Fontiane  is focused on serving customers who make their living using low bed or extendable trailers. Dedicated manufacturing facilities equipped with the latest technologies serve Fontaine Heavy Haul customers with in-house research and development, product design, engineering, materials specification, and durability testing (inside and outside). In addition to being able to stand up to the toughest applications, Fontaine Heavy Haul designs its trailers to be easy for the user to operate, so you can get loaded and on the road more quickly.  Fontaine Heavy Haul stands behind every trailer it builds.  For a heavy duty trailer that will make you money for years to come, buy Fontaine Heavy Haul.

ILoca is your Fontaine Heavy Haul dealer.  For more information, call 855-707-2910 or visit ILoca’s website at

Fontaine Heavy Haul is a separate division of Fontaine Commercial Trailer that is focused around providing the highest quality lowboy and extendable trailers to customers who make their living hauling extremely heavy cargo.

Lowboys, Double Drops, and Extendables

Whether your work is construction or commercial, Fontaine Heavy-Haul has the right trailer for you. All of their product lines are dependable and innovative.

The Renegade, Magnitude, Xcaliber lines all exceed expectations and give some of the best performance on the market. Not only that, but Fontaine Heavy-Haul’s TRAVERSEHT is an incredibly innovative hydraulic tail trailer that is extremely easy to operate and is capable of lifting 25,000 pounds to loading dock height. So, no matter what your heavy-haul needs are, Fontaine Heavy-Haul has the right trailer for you! Many Fontaine Heavy-Haul products can be found on ILoca’s website through the use of the search tool. Therefore if you’re looking for something specific and are having trouble finding it, we can help! Give us a call with any sales related questions at 855-707-2910. One of our trailer experts will answer all your questions and help you find exactly what you need.

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