Parts Flyer Featured Product: Vanguard Dry Van Hinges Tues 05/29/18 – Mon 06/11/18

Parts Flyer Tues 05/29/2018 – Mon 06/11/2018


            ILoca Services is an authorized Vanguard Trailer Dealer and Triple Diamond Parts Distributor.  This week’s featured products include Vanguard parts.                                                             

Vanguard Dry Van Hinge

Price: $7.19 (from $10.99)
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1801400061 / RFP00127
The RFP00127 is the hinge used on most late model Vanguard Dry Van Trailers.

  • 0″ Width
  • 9-7/8″ Overall Length


  • Fleet Engineer 022-01407
  • New Life 1010137
  • Aurora SWH-VN01


CIMC Reefer Hinge

1801100005 / CRTN8514104-A201
CIMC Reefer Hinge- top view of vanguard partsCIMC Reefer Hinge- side view of vanguard parts
Price: $7.99 (from $11.99)
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  • Vanguard CIMC Reefer swing door aluminum hinge  CRTN8514104-A201
  • 3.0″ width
  • 9.75″ flat plane length
  • 9.935″ diagonal overall length
  • Reference: Use with BSH00001 bushing (not included)


Vanguard / CIMC Hinge Bushing

CIMC hinge bushing

Price: $0.39 (from $o.79)
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1801100075 / BSH00002

  • Vanguard Hinge Bushing BSH00002
  • Nylon Plastic Hinge Bushing Typically used with the Vanguard RFP00127 Dry Van Hinge Nominal 2.75″ length
  • Part Managers
  • Note: While the BSH00001 & BSH00002 are very similar.  The BSH00002 is the bushing preferred to use on Vanguard Dry Van & CIMC Reefers.

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