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SKU 1303500058 S4005001030 ECU/VALVE

REG $529.95 SALE $489.95

Meritor Wabco ECU/Valve Assembly S4005001030 / S400-500-103-0

2S/2M 4S/2M 4S/3M

This is a dual modulator (2-valve), 4-wheel sensor ECU unit.  It consists of a Meritor S4008506020 dual modulator service valve, with a S4008506010 4- wheel sensor ECU unit mounted on top.  The easiest way to identify is by locating the unit metal tag, with the part # listed (pictured).

This unit came into semi trailer use after the year 2002 & is very common on late model trailers, with a 4-wheel sensor ABS Brake System.

Parts Manager’s Note: Looking to replace an obsolete S472-500-013-0 ECU/Valve with a Meritor R955346 upgrade kit?  All that is needed is to order the above unit and a S8946073120 adapter cable.  These two components create a Meritor R955346 kit.  Call for more information.


SKU1303500050 S4005001010 ECU/VALVE

REG $359.95 SALE $329.95

Meritor Wabco ECU/Valve Assembly S4005001010 / S400-500-101-0


This is a single modulator (1-valve), 2-wheel sensor ECU unit.  It consists of a Meritor S4721950330 single modulator service valve, with a Meritor S4461082010 2-wheel sensor ECU mounted on top.  When identifying this unit, there will be both a valve metal ID tag & a ECU metal ID tag.

This unit came into use after 2002 & is common on trailers with a 2-wheel ABS sensor system.

SKU 1303500070 S4801070000 ECU/VALVE

REG $1195.95 SALE $999.95

Wabco RSS Roll Stability Valve/ECU Assembly S4801070000

  1. 480 107 0000, S4801070000, S480-107-0000

Easily identified by the metal tag ID on the original unit.  Please Note: This IS NOT a simple, R&R, Remove & Replace type of unit. The ECU will need to be programmed to match the trailer installation.

Read about programming & software requirements here: (Wabco PDF)

Weight: 11.68 UPC Code: 884879422848 Brand: Meritor WABCO VMRS Code: 013-011-076 Service Exchange Part Number: S480 107 000 7 Voltage: 12V Notes: RSSplus ECU/Valve Assembly. EBS installation kit not required.