ILoca Parts Landing Gear Crank Handle $5 Deal!!!

Land on a deal on landing gear from 2/8/2018 – 2/16/2018 with ILoca’s biweekly parts flyer! For only $5, you can purchase a variety of horizontal crank handles. We can always assure reasonable prices on parts. Keep an eye on our website for future parts flyers- you never know what great deals you’ll come across! Typical deal validity lasts 13 days, but you must check each individual flyer to find its expiration date.

ILoca Parts Flyer 2/8/2018 - 2/16/2018

Don’t miss this amazing deal!

All the following reduced from $6.99 to $5.00!!! (28% off!)

  1. (103-11H) Crank Handle 11” Horizontal– most commonly used on Dry Vans & Reefers (trailers available for rental or sale through ).
  2. (103-15H) Crank Handle 15” Horizontal– like their 11″ and 21″ counterparts, have clearance for turning shafts of 1″ in diameter.
  3. (103-21H) Crank Handle 21” Horizontal– our most popular crank handle for Flat Bed use because its longer length extends from frame mounted landing gear to allow crank motion without getting under the trailer for your ease. 


We’ve also got great prices on Landing Gear Low Profile Sand Shoe 101-02 at $12.95!!

Low profile sand shoe 10” x 10” 2.0” holes, 6.0” between holes.
Note: when you measure a landing gear shoe, the shoe face size, is what actually contacts the ground. This measurement does not include the upward deflection lip.

Also on sale is a $5.95 Landing Gear Axle 102-03!

Landing gear axle has a overall tube length of 8-3/8”, with a tube diameter of 1-7/8”. Fits standard sand shoes


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