MAC Dump Trailers

The MAC Dump Trailers are like no other. MAC Offers frameless and frame type trailers! Whatever you plan on hauling, MAC Dump Trailers are ready to take on the challenge.

There are four notable types. First, The MAC Traditional is a fully welded square design, and definitely one of the leaders in the dump trailers. Second, The Maclock Smooth side has a 6061 T-6 aluminum core, void side panels with full welds. The narrow width of the core panels have also been demonstrated to enhance fuel economy! Next, The Macsimizer half round is designed with a radius bulkhead, has a tare weight as low as 8900 pounds (which helps provide benefits of how the body releases its load), and it is the lightest materials trailer in the industry. Lastly, The MAC Steel is designed to meet geographic needs, and is great for heavy hauls such as sand, gravel, or dirt.

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