This was originally the Illinois Truck Driving Championship Banquet Speech

First I’d like to thank the Illinois Trucking Association and our co-sponsor International.  I’m Angie, from ILoca Services as many of you know we are a full service, award winning semitrailer dealership out of Aurora in the last couple years we’ve added locations in Davenport, IA and Caledonia, WI.

We could not be what we are without you. Without drivers, we stop, the country stops.


It has been such a privilege to watch you come here and be great year after year. I know I do not have to tell you, that your job is not easy.

I am so thankful and proud to work for and with this industry. All of you continue to make it easy to be proud of

This industry is trivialized and many people take it for granted I am fortunate enough to know how my food gets on the shelf, that the overnight shipping will get my delivery on time, the stores I shop at are nothing without products and therefore nothing without the drivers that deliver them. Drivers deliver our trailers, our freight, our lives.


We appreciate you and are inspired by your talent. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being the best semitruck drivers in the state of Illinois.

We are honored to be your Partner For The Long Haul. Thank you from ILoca Services.

Please think of us when you need rental trailers. We’d love to get back the support we give. So when the time comes and you need a trailer remember ILoca Services, Your Partner For The Long Haul ® Thank you again to every driver here.