Fuel Prices 6/12/2017

As Monday once again marks the start of the workweek, it’s time for another weekly fuel update for your convenience. It is important to know the basic fuel economy, especially if you travel for a living, in order to properly budget your transportation expenses for the week. The average diesel prices in our specified locations are as follows.


The current national average price for diesel in the United States comes in at a cost of $2.33 per gallon. This price matches the state specific price for Illinois. Following this average is Wisconsin, coming in at $2.30, and lastly Iowa a penny below with an average cost of $2.29 to a gallon. These prices do not include data on alternative fuel sources, such as biodiesel. For more information on pricing and locations that offer these types of products, you may visit the AFDC website located in the sources below.


In other petroleum related news, crude oil is currently selling at an average price of $45.70 per barrel. To further elaborate on the condition of crude oil financing, petroleum weekly states. “OPEC crude oil production target remains at 32.5 million barrels per day (b/d) through the end of the first quarter of 2018.” This has been clarified as lower than previously expected, meaning that the price range for crude oil may become higher as a result of less product availability.


To conclude, the average price for diesel in the United States currently stands at $2.33 per gallon, crude oil sells for $45.70 to a barrel, and crude oil availability and processing is expected to slow for 2018’s predicted quarter production. We sincerely hope this article has provided you with sufficient information to properly budget yourself accordingly this week. ILoca wishes you safe and happy travels during the upcoming workweek.

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