Fuel Prices March 13th, 2017

Fuel Prices March 13th, 2017

Hope the time change is treating you well! As the start of the week kicks off this Monday, it’s time for another weekly fuel update from your friends at ILoca Services. Today, as expected, we will be going over average diesel pricing, crude oil expenses, and other petroleum related tidbits. We sincerely hope that the information provided is helpful. The diesel prices in our state specific areas are as follows.


The average price for diesel in the US currently comes in at about $2.29 to a gallon. This price stands in the middle of our state specific averages. Our highest price, $2.33, is shared by both Illinois and Iowa. Below this number is Wisconsin, with an expense of $2.25 per gallon. These numbers do not include data on alternative fuels such as bio-diesel. For more information on pricing and locations that offer these products, you may visit the AFDC website located in the sources below.


In other petroleum related news, crude oil is currently selling for $48.51 per barrel. Petroleum Weekly is also recognizing the efficiency of certain areas in regards to fuel production. The website states, “The Midwest and Rocky Mountain regions are increasingly self sufficient in production of transportation fuels.” This means that the supply of these fuels is strong, and you can expect pricing to be lower or stable in these areas due to this information.
The average price for diesel in the United States comes in at $2.29 per gallon, crude oil is selling for $48.51 per barrel, and certain areas of the US are flourishing in fuel production. We sincerely hope that the information provided was sufficient enough to help you with the data you need to budget your traveling expenses this week. As always, ILoca wishes you safe and happy travels during the workweek.

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