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Intermodal is the movement of cargo in shipping containers or trailers by more than one mode of transportation. Globally, 95% of all manufactured goods at one point are moved in a container. The industry connects a number of freight stakeholders, including those listed below. At $40 billion, the North American intermodal market is the largest in the world. It relies on a fleet of more than 700,000 chassis to move 34.5 million domestic and international containers traveling on its network. Intermodal Association of North America (also known as IANA) is the only organization that represents the combined interests of the intermodal freight transportation industry.
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To promote the growth of efficient intermodal freight transportation through innovation, education and dialogue.


IANA will bring industry leadership and accomplish its mission as an association by:

  • Promoting the benefits of intermodal freight transportation and educating industry stakeholders
  • Providing its members with a mode neutral forum to discuss common issues, build consensus, shape policy and develop recommended practices
  • Positively influencing and shaping the legislative and regulatory environment in areas that impact the intermodal industry
  • Promoting and facilitating efficient business processes through innovation and technologies, while enabling common systems and services
  • Delivering excellence through its people, processes, technology and operation


We educate, inform, and empower — laying the foundations of tomorrow’s success today. Supporting the professional readiness of our membership is fundamental. We are committed to providing valuable engagement opportunities and educational resources that are data-driven, actionable and inspiring.


There is strength in unity. Together, we advance our industry. By offering multiple forums for industry-wide collaboration, we break down barriers, maintain focus on the collective interest and build consensus on shared objectives.


We have challenged the industry and pushed it forward — with power and with purpose. IANA has long been recognized for an unwavering commitment to the interests of our members and stakeholders. Our unique expertise provides the opportunity to continue influencing and improving industry operations into the future.


Above all, ILoca Services cares about our customers and their diverse needs. Visit for more information on becoming a member.

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