Fontaine, ® the leading brand and recognized technology leader in the platform trailer industry, is introducing a new Infinity combo trailer for forklift applications.

In an industry traditionally served by bolt-on aftermarket forklift kits, the Infinity Forklift Trailer is set apart from the competition. It is specifically designed by Fontaine engineering to meet the rigors of this tough application, and factory manufactured in the Fontaine Commercial Platform Haleyville plant.

“This is a difficult application with continuous loading and unloading. To stay on the job day in and day out, a trailer needs to be able to survive a forklift impact. That’s why we equip this trailer with the RASR™ siderail. It’s made from routed aluminum, but the patented design withstands impacts better than steel,” stated Ken Webb, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Fontaine.

The Infinity Forklift Trailer is loaded with convenience features to make a driver’s job easier. A convenient fold-away bumper makes stowing and deploying the forklift fast and easy. Special mounting hardware accommodates multiple forklift brands to make this the most versatile solution on the market. Steel counterbalance is built into the floor at the front of the trailer to compensate for mounted forklift weight when returning empty.

You can match the weight to perfectly balance a specific forklift model. A convenient electrical connection powers the lights on the rear-mounted forklift when traveling. For more information visit your local Fontaine dealer, or you can learn more about the Fontaine Infinity Forklift Trailer at

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