Reefer Madness! 2020 Vanguard CIMC Reefers

ILoca’s Friday Features, Part 1: 2020 Vanguard CIMC Reefers

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During these hot summer months, we’re offering something pretty cool- 2020 Vanguard CIMC Reefers! Vanguard refrigerated trailers are a great investment due to their thermal efficiency, corrosion resistance, and durability. Looking for reefers? Look no further! If you’re elsewhere, no worries: we can get our trailers to you. Pictured below is one example of the CIMC Vanguard Reefers ILoca offers.

*Pictures are representative of available trailers.

Features Include:

  • overhead door
  • 2 rows E-track
  • grocery flat floor
  • Hendrickson TI system
  • outside aluminum wheels
  • two rub rails
  • and more!

These reefers are also available for rental or leasing! Certain models are part of the EZ Lease Program at ILoca- what can we say, it’s easy!
ILoca can help you optimize your fleet strategy with a trailer leasing option that is best suited for your type of business. Take a look at all the advantages leasing has to offer then give one of our leasing experts a call to determine the most beneficial strategy for you. Invest in yourself. For more information on our EZ Lease Program, visit our Rental and Leasing page.

See what else Vanguard has to say about their trailers:

“More thermally efficient means fuel savings, longer life for your refrigeration units, and safe transportation for your valuable cargo. Better corrosion resistance means more standard galvanized steel components that do not require expensive maintenance such as repainting, and trailers that still have a pleasing appearance to enhance your brand. Greater durability comes from stronger floors and more weight in areas that bear the load, but less weight in areas that do not. Overall trailer weights match the best of other brands.
Besides better performance and lower cost of ownership, our thermal efficiency, corrosion resistance, and durability leads to a longer lasting trailer that returns more residual value when you wish to sell.”

-CIMC Vanguard

ILoca Services is the only dealership in Illinois where you can get these top-of-the-line reefers. Conveniently located outside of Chicago in Aurora, IL, ILoca Services is ready to provide for any of your trailer needs: purchasing, renting, leasing, or servicing trailers? Buying parts? We’re your people! We also have locations in Davenport, IA, and Caledonia, WI.

Call 855-707-2910 to talk to a knowledgeable sales representative today!

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