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Top Hinge Lift Gate –    $                 39,500.00

 Air Operated Hi Lift –    $                 39,950.00

*Pricing includes FET

Chicago Style Dump Trailer by Manac for ILoca

ILoca is a full servicing Semi Trailer Dealership, selling Dry Vans, Reefers, Platform and Heavy Haul trailers.

One of our manufacturer’s, Manac, has improved and designed ILoca a Chicago Style Dump.  The success  of  Manac with their line of Dump Trailers, is primarily due to them over-engineering these trailers. They can hold up to the type of conditions they are prone to.  Minimizing maintenance and avoidable damage.  These trailers unlike others, are built on New Suspensions and Axles. Fully warrantied  ILoca is a full servicing dealer providing parts, repair including Warranty services, if needed.  We want  to become your transportation partner for the long haul.

Quarter Star by ILoca, Dump Trailer

We have 2 models outfitted with different rear gates. Weight on these trailers is estimated at 16,000#’s.The Air Actuated gate can be operated manually by a pull valve or electrically by an Aux Receptacle on the front.

Additionally, the trailer host a compliment of cross members on her belly and the tub itself is made of 100% Hardox AR-450  steel.  This Hardox is a Swedish tempered steel.  Once heated to temper it is then quenched in the Baltic Sea, and makes the hardest, dent resistant steel of any other line.  The Top Rail of the Tub is also a Hardox AR-450 and integrates the  Shedder.  The advantage to this top rail is it will keep the tub from bowing out.  The Front and gate are also this Hardox AR-450, so consistent strength and durability throughout.

These are on the ground at ILoca in Aurora IL, available now and I would invite and encourage you to come see these trailers personally.

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