Friday Fun – Springfield

As the weekend arrives, it’s time to think of quick trips that keep you close to home but that you couldn’t achieve during the week. Today we will be highlighting local activities from our Aurora, IL headquarters. Although this week’s suggestion requires a substantial drive, the cultural, historical, and political lessons are great for kids. So, what do we recommend? Springfield, Illinois, the capital of the state. Springfield friday fun activities are diverse in character. No matter your interests, be they physical, artistic, or historical, Springfield has something for you.

Springfield Friday Fun Options

About three hours away from our Aurora location lies the capital city of Springfield. The area is a great touristic opportunity, rich with historical information and landmarks. The city was home to Abraham Lincoln during his lifetime, and has many artifacts and guided tours in which you can participate. This includes a walk through of Lincoln’s first and only home, and the legendary Lincoln head statue whose nose became faded from the touch of many tourists (it’s said to bring good luck). If you are uninterested in the historical artifacts the city has to offer, it is also home to a variety of other attractions. This includes museums and theaters for the artistic soul, and plenty of golf courses, parks and trails for the more active individual. Most anything a person could be interested in you will find hidden somewhere in Springfield’s charm. You may find more information and specific places to stop at on the Springfield website at The “Things To Do” tab lists a ton of ideas!

Important Locations for Every Illinoisan in the Transportation Industry

ILoca is also a member and strong supporter of the Illinois Trucking Association. For 86 years, the Illinois Trucking Association has been a powerful voice for the trucking industry representing our members and our industry in Springfield and in Washington, DC. You can visit the ITA’s Springfield office at 932 S. Spring Street, Springfield, IL 62704. Another important and interesting location for visitors is the Capitol. No matter your politics, the decisions made in that building affect you. It can be powerful to visit and spend some time in such an influential location. The address of the capitol building is 301 S 2nd St, Springfield, IL 62701.
Whether you decide to go out or stay in this weekend, please make sure you find the time to do something you enjoy and relax a little. It is important to take a break and treat yourself to your time off. We sincerely hope that you enjoy yourself this Labor Day weekend. We are closed on Monday in observance of the holiday.
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