When crisscrossing the countryside for long hours becomes tedious, how do you stay entertained? The answer for many drivers is podcasts, which are an excellent resource. Many podcasts are hosted on PlayerFM, which is a free, Android-supported app that can play your podcasts on your phone, your computer, and your smartwatch. Apple users can find the free, iTunes supported “Podcasts” app on the Apple Store. Spotify and Mixcloud, among other websites, are also great ways to tune in to podcasts.

Not only can podcasts help you stay awake, they can also provide information regarding industry-specific updates and news. There are a variety of trucking-related podcasts created by and for truckers who offer advice, opinions, and even company. Sometimes, though, layering on trucking information is the opposite of what you need. Luckily, thousands of podcasts exist for when you are feeling all trucked out.

See below for links to of 50 podcasts, both trucking-related and not.


Trucking Podcasts

Trucker Dump

“Trucker Dump” is a podcast recorded by Todd McCann, a 49-year-old truck driver who has experience with both solo and team driving. McCann publishes the humorous, free-wheeling podcast whenever he gets the chance, so be sure to subscribe so as not to miss new episodes! The most recent episode is titled, “Reserved Truck Parking: Convenience or Exploitation?” McCann is also the author of two trucking e-books, How to Find a Great Truck Driving Job and Trucking Life: An Entertaining, Yet Informative Guide To Becoming And Being A Truck Driver, which can be found on the homepage of abouttruckdriving.com.

Ask the Trucker ‘LIVE’ with Allen Smith

“Ask The Trucker ‘LIVE’ with Allen Smith” has a 4.5-star rating on iTunes. It is a no-nonsense discussion of current issues that affect truck drivers, including legislation, health, and careers. All of Smith’s 200+ podcasts are free, stretching all the way back to 2008.

Talk CDL Trucking Podcast

Troy Austin, Tyler Austin, and Dave Padlo host “TalkCDL Trucking Podcasts,” a regularly posted podcast that explores the ins and outs of the trucking industry. Of the show, CDL Life, a pre-eminent source of trucking news and entertainment, said, “The guys get real on topics like regulation changes, safety issues, and traffic crashes. The show is designed to provide valuable information and a sense of community for veteran drivers and rookie drivers alike.”


Trucking Podcast

The frank but family-friendly style of Buck and Don Ballard, the father-son duo that hosts “Trucking Podcast,” is exciting and refreshing for listeners. Buck and Don bring an everyman attitude to automotive topics. “We tend to shun the expensive,” they say. “We especially love stuff anyone can afford…The stuff the average guy could buy refurbish, restore or just drive and have some fun with.” Though both men are truckers by trade, they spend a significant amount of time talking about anything and everything with wheels.

Mile Markers: Health for Truck Drivers

Although “Mile Markers- Health for Truck Drivers” has not posted an episode in five years, it is still very much worth listening to. Health is a major issue for truckers, so this podcast still holds weight despite its age. Hosts Mike Curts and Derek McClain discuss topics like dieting, bad habits, and heart issues.

Truck Driver 101

“Truck Driver 101” bares all of the explicit details of truck driving without holding back. “Big Ken,” as he is known to the audience, offers advice for truck drivers and those looking to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). For an unreserved, opinionated dose of trucking news, be sure to follow Big Ken’s antics on a streaming website such as PlayerFM.

Trucking with Kevin Rutherford

Kevin Rutherford provides another perspective in “Trucking with Kevin Rutherford.” Rutherford has more than 20 years of experience as an owner-operator, rather than a driver. Though some believe Rutherford to be a sell-out, others describe him as passionate and business-savvy. In either case, free trucking and business-related content is available through his podcasts and many listeners appreciate his business experience and advice.

Trucking 101

Not to be confused with “Truck Driver 101,” “Trucking 101” is hosted by owner-operator couple Rick and Mellisa Grim from Amarillo, Texas. With episode titles such as “Is the grass greener at the other carriers?”, “Cooking on the Truck,” and “Fears and Phobias: What to expect in your first year,” it is obvious that Rick and Melissa are dedicated to providing useful, educational content for truck drivers.


Women in Trucking

Women constitute 11.4 percent of workers in the trucking industry and 5.1 percent of truck drivers. Because of this disparity, women face unique challenges in the industry as it grows and develops. Ellen Voie, founder and president of the Women in Trucking Association, publishes a podcast including discussions and interviews with other female truckers. Despite the challenges of being a woman on the road, Voie has had a long career of involvement with the trucking industry. For a new perspective on women in trucking, this podcast would be the place to look.

The Trucking Nation Podcast

TruckLogics, a web-based transportation business management system, published podcasts from 2014 until 2016 under the title “The Trucking Nation Podcast.” Hosted by Misty Noel and TruckLogics’ “Support Crew,” the podcast covers unique topics that are relevant to truckers and transportation business owners alike.

Non-Trucking Podcasts


Global News

PBS News Hour

This Morning with Gordon Deal


The Brilliant Idiots


Science and Tech

Stuff to Blow Your Mind

The Naked Scientists

Brain Stuff

Science Vs

This is Only a Test

Chips with Everything

Too Embarrassed to Ask

Flash Forward

Why’d You Push That Button?


Dangerous Minds



Entertainment and Sports

Show Me the Meaning: A Wisecrack Movie Podcast

The Sports Reporters

Doug Loves Movies

Crooked Conversations

How Did This Get Made

The Bill Simmons Podcast

The Big Podcast with Shaq

Punch Drunk Sports

Song Exploder

This Song F***ing Sucks

Rolling Stones: Music Now



Freakonomics Radio

50 Things That Made the Modern Economy




The Mortified Podcast

This American Life

Mystery Show

Alice Isn’t Dead

Uncanny County



Simon Mayo’s Confessions

TED Talks Daily


Most Useful Podcast Ever

Ace on the House


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