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Type & LengthManufacturerModel YearSpecifications
Revolution 52 WSA 48ft All-AluminumFontaine2020Hendrickson AR, spread axle, Jost landing gear, 8,992lbs
Revolution 52 – 53ft All-AluminumFontaine2020AR, Rear axle slide, frame rating: 80,000lbs distributed – 52,000lbs concentrated in 4ft, 10,141lbs
Infinity Combo 48ftFontaine202048×102, WSA, Hendrickson AR suspension, 10,140lbs
Infinity Combo 53ftFontaine202053×102, RAS, Hendrickson AR, NO TI system, 11,012lbs
Velocity Steel CTS 48ftFontaine202048×102, SR, closed tandem slider, NO TI system, 11,841lbs
Combo FlatbedDorsey202048×102 Combo, AR WSA, underslung suspension, 10,380lbs
Road Warrior 53ft FlatbedMac Trailer2020All aluminum flatbed, Hendrickson susp, Cooper Roadmaster Tires, spread axle, 9,312lbs
48ft FlatbedMac Trailer202048ft flatbed with coil package, Jost landing gear, 80k GVWR, 2 nailers on outside, outside alum wheels, 8,869lbs
53ft Standard FlatbedMac Trailer202053ft aluminum flatbed with coil package, Hendrickson susp, full width crossmembers at rear, 9,638lbs
Tri-Axle FlatbedMac Trailer202045ft aluminum flatbed, tri-axle, 120k GVWR, extreme duty frame rail 29in., Cooper Roadmaster Tires, Recessed in rear end air gauge system, 11,703lbs
Infinity Combo 48ftFontaine202048’x102″, Combo, wide spread axle, air ride, deck height 40in loaded, 10,461lbs
Infinity Combo 53ftFontaine202053’x102″, Combo, rear axle slide, 17p chn cargo tie downs, recs’d siderails, no toolboxes, 11,482lbs
Velocity Steel 48ftFontaine202048’x102″, All Steel, Wide Spread Air Ride, no TI, no toolboxes, 11,501lbs
Magnitude 55HFLD 26Fontaine HH202055 Ton Steel Lowboy with 26′ well, 54.5 inch axle spread, 22,332lbs
Magnitude 55MXTFontaine HH202055 Ton Lowboy, 29-50ft Extendable Deck, Tri Bogie, 27,110lbs
Magnitude 603T MDSRFontaine HH202060 Ton Lowboy, Modular Drop Side Rail,  8’6″ deck width, 26′ deck length, Tri Bogie, outside alum wheels, 25,010lbs
Xcalibur Ext All Steel 53′-90Fontaine HH2020AR, closed tandem slider, triaxle, 20,260lbs
Traverse HTFontaine HH2020AR, closed tandem fixed, hydraulic beavertail, outside alum wheels, TI system, Air Weigh Scale,  17,638 lbs
4th Axle FlipFontaine HH2020Steel Flip Axle
Steel Frameless Half Rd DumpMAC202040×96 frameless dump, 58 cubic yards, wall height 72, aluminum barn door, AR closed tandem fixed, Air gauge system, 14,860lbs
Frameless MVP SS DumpMAC202024×96 alum dump trailer, AR, CTF, Top Hinge-overslung tailgate, 5 marker lights on each side, galvanized suspension hangers, air gauge, 3/8 alum draft arm, full rubber across rear of trailer, 9,196lbs
Steel Frameless Half Rd DumpMAC202040×102 steel dump trailer, SR, CTF, Barn Door, 72in. Wall height, flat slope nose bulkhead, 5 marker lights on each side, Watson 50,000 single point four on the floor high pedestal suspension, outside alum wheels, galvanized suspension hangers, alum drop stand, air gauge system, 15,834lbs
ReeferCIMC2020Swing Door, 2 rows E-Track, duct floor, Hendrickson TI system, outside alum wheels, rub rail
ReeferCIMC2020Swing Door, high cube, 2 rows E-Track, grocery flat floor, Hendrickson TI system, outside alum wheels, rub rail
ReeferCIMC2020OHD, 2 rows E-Track, grocery flat floor, Hendrickson TI system, outside alum wheels, two rub rails
VXPVanguard2020Holland spring ride susp, no vents, NO TI system, Jost landing gear, 12″ scuff, Cooper tires, swing doors
VXPVanguard2020Hendrickson susp, no vents, Hendrickson Tiremaax CP TI system, Yokohama tires, Jost landing gear, swing doors
MaxCubeVanguard2020Wide Body, Hendrickson AR susp., CTS, swing door, Hendrickson TI system, Jost landing gear, Yokohama tires