Cimc Intermodal Equipment

ILoca Services, Inc. has a new partner for the long haul.  It’s CIMC Intermodal Equipment a global company.  As the domestic wheeled intermodal representative group of CIMC Vehicles, CIMC Intermodal Equipment provides sales, marketing, parts and specialty design to meet the needs of US intermodal customers. CIMC provides production, repair, and assembly of CIMC equipment along with chassis and container parts for its customers.

ILoca has a Service listing online and on the CIMC Intermodal Breakdown App. The app is free to download through the store on your Smartphone.


ILoca is your CIMC Intermodal dealer.  CIMC Intermodal inventory listings are coming soon.  ILoca looks forward to the great things that will come from this partnership. For more information, call 855-707-2910 or visit ILoca’s website at

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